E-commerce fraud almost rose twice as fast as e-commerce sales in 2017. So the first important thing I want you to acknowledge is that scams are real. No matter where are you coming from, what your job or age is - the danger is real. Therefore we want to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to whereas the focus of this post is about buying Microsoft software online, because this is a field we know a thing or two about.


…Because in most case that is exactly what they are. Be especially cautious when you receive E-mails promising you the deal of your life. Most emails that went to your spam folder are there for a reason.

Fraudsters out there are evil but not dumb. They try hard to deceive you into thinking that they provide you with the real deal. They design websites or emails inviting you to take some sort of action to. They use email addresses with a real company name in its name or offering websites that look legit at first sight. So keep in mind that although something look and feels real it isn’t necessary.

There are websites out there that. If you came across something shady you can use forums where such things are discussed, where you can post your case and find people with similar experiences.



Reviews is not something to thrust blindly unless you keep a few points in your mind outlined below. There are many fake reviews and also pages that want to trick you into thinking they can present you with genuine ratings and reviews. There are different platforms offering and showing to you how other people already bought a software or else rated the product or shop.

Generally watch out for three things.

  • Is the provider of the review service itself legit?
  • If the provider is legit, this does not necessarily imply that the ratings are legit. If there is a huge amount of ratings on one page and the provider is legit then this is often a good indicator
  • Are the ratings on the store you intend to buy legit? There is a fair amount of shop owners that fake ratings, in order to be perceived as trustworthy.

Here are some providers of a review and rating service that can you can count on:

WHAT directkeys365 CAN OFFER YOU?

The prices we here at Directkeys365 offer you, which usually should ring your alarm bells. But there is a reason why we are able to offer you such prices for microsoft software like Windows or Office.

All of the Microsoft Windows products displayed at our webpage are so called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) licenses. The limitation of the cheap price is, that you can install the software on only one device. All of the Microsoft Office software products you can buy in our shop are so called MSDN licenses. The trade off in this case for the low price is, that you can only install the software once on one device. Here you can learn more about the differences between the different licenses.

All of these software licenses are legit Microsoft products, since when buying at our store, you will have to enter a product key at the official Microsoft Office webpage in order to download the software. 


  • Be aware that scamming is real.
  • If something looks and feels shady to you, go to a forum and check for people with a similar case or open your own thread.
  • Look out for credible ratings and reviews for products and shops.
  • Know the difference between different Microsoft Office software licenses sold online
  • And last but not least - take care!